How we work

1.  Contact us either through the on-line form, email or telephone. 

2.  We will contact you by telephone or email to confirm an appointment time, date and venue, if required.

3.  When we understand what you want your will to do and ascertain your objectives we will advise you on how to proceed and costs will be confirmed to you. 

4.  Confirm your identity and mental capacity.

5.  Go through terms of business, if happy to proceed you will be asked to sign these later.

6. Evaluation of the estate and take instructions.

7. Explain to you areas that require attention and explain legal processes and offer  remedies/solutions.

8. Obtain agreement from you to proceed and agree our fee and payment method. N.B. Payment is usually made upon completion of all work, usually at Attestation/signing of Wills but in certain circumstances the company reserves the right to take a deposit.

9.  Advise you of timescales, see current terms of business. N.B. checking copy Wills and associated documents will be posted by 1st class mail/emailed/or arrangements made for checking copies to be handed to clients as close as possible to 7 days after this meeting.

Client should check and amend checking copy Will accordingly and return to the company within 7 days together with acceptance form duly signed. Once acceptance is received the company will draw up the Wills and associated documents and arrange Attestation within 7 – 14 days of receipt of the acceptance or at an agreed time between The Boaters Will Company (Ultimate Wills and Trusts) and the client(s).  Advise what is required for Attestation service – witnesses etc.

10.  Attend Attestation service whenever possible or give detailed written instructions for self signing.

International Wills timescales vary depending on country and type of work/services involved, but will be carried out as efficiently as local laws and customs allow.

Note on-line wills have separate terms and conditions which apply.

Probate Services

Initial consultation is made to discuss services that may be required be it simple advice on gaining Probate or complex Trust issues.

An assessment is made of the deceased’s Estate and a quotation is submitted for the costs of administration services before work is commenced.

Terms of business and necessary documentation is signed.

Adminstration is handled by a professional/trustee who will complete the operation as swiftly as possible, keeping you fully informed of progesss at all times.

Our service offers a substantial cost saving over the traditional providers, i.e. Banks and Solicitors etc. Our typical fees are considerably less than that found in the usual Legal market  between 1-2% approx. of the gross Estate value plus usual disbursements.  All work carried out where possible is on a fixed fee basis, agreed in advance before work is undertaken.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Arrange an appointment with the donor and attorneys to explain each persons’ role under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Go through the Prescribed Information and relevant sections of the MCA 2005.

Take instructions from the donor and obtain signed declarations from donor and attorneys to state that they understand their legal duties and responsibilites.  At this point a decision is made as to whether the LPA is to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. 

A company consultant will act as the certificate provider.

Lasting Power of Attorney documents are created and an appointment is required for all the documents to be signed and witnessed. At the signing appointment an explanation will be given about registration and fees etc. at this point.

Signing appointment and completion of all documents.

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